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Shooting Drills

Arc Shooting Drill

Player starts in spot 1 with elbow to elbow shooting, player then rotates to left wing to baseline shooting followed by Right wing to baseline shooting. Player must make 15 shots from a spot before moving on. The goal for this drill is four minutes or less.

Alternate Elbow Shooting

Start on either elbow then sprint to 28ft mark on opposite sideline. After touching sideline, sprint to same side elbow for a catch and shoot jump shot. You will then immediately sprint to the 28ft mark on the opposite sideline. Make as many shots as possible in two minutes.

Alternate Range Shooting


Step 1: Catch and shoot mid-range jump shot from the corner until you make four. 

Step 2: Once you make four catch and shoot mid-range jump shots, catch and shoot 3pt shot form the corner until you make four. 

Step 3: Once you make four catch and shoot 3pt shot, make four corner jump shot, alternating shots between the two ranges. Once you make four shots, sprint to the next spot. Continue repeating these steps at each of the 5 spots (corner, wing, top, wing, and corner) so that you are making a total of 12 shots from each spot, and try to finish in as little time as possible.

Reverse Pivot with Finish

Players start at half court and weave through chairs using change of direction dribble move and finishing with 1 dribble finish at the rim. After finishing at rim, sprint back to chair at free throw line jump stop pick up ball. Reverse pivot and score. Complete 1 set in two minutes.

  • Crossover
  • Behind the back
  • Between the legs
  • Double crossover
  • Combination freestyle

SC Curl Cut Shooting

Player starts under the rim and curls each chair into a jump shot, starting from under the rim each time. After the fourth shot, player sprints to half court and back into a transition 3. Do as many sets as possible in three minutes. Chart your makes.

  • Catch and Shoot
  • Shot fake/1 dribble
  • 1 dribble pull-up

Shot Fake and Counter

Start at the top cone with a shot fake, drive to second cone execute dribble move to score. Perform the same shot on other side. Use different dribble moves. Perform drill for 2 minutes with 8 made shots.

  • Crossover
  • Behind the back
  • Between the legs
  • Double crossover
  • In and Out

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